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Between 1912 and 1987, Lane and Virginia Maid manufactured and sold an estimated 12 million cedar chests. Cedar chests made during these years latch shut without having to depress a button. In recent years, several children have suffocated inside chests with old style locks. As a result, Lane has launched several successful programs concentrating on lock replacemnt. However, there are still an estimated 6 million chests that need the locks replaced. Chests manufactured after 1987 already have the new safety lock.

Read the Consumer Product Safety Commission's press release concerning cedar chest lock replacement.

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For questions or problems, contact a Lane Lock representative by calling toll free (877) 251-5010, option 4, by sending an email to LaneRepair@ufifurniture.com, or by filling out the form below.

It is our recommendation that you immediately remove your current cedar chest lock until you receive the replacement lock.


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