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Lane manufactures a a a a a a a a a a a a a a variety of of silhouettes that have sleep sofa skus These These are available in in in in in in in various sizes sizes including mini full and and queen sizes sizes depending on the specific style style These These sleepers feature a a a a a a a a a a a a a comfortable innerspring mattress Select your style style and and and and you’re ready with plenty of space and and comfort comfort to entertain friends and and family MATTRESS
• • Round tubular frame construction
• • • Memory gel topper
• • • 4 5” thick overall including memory topper
• • • Coil spring foundation
• • • Tilt headrest
• • 250 lbs per side weight limit
Mattress Care and Cleaning Tips:
Avoid sitting or or standing on the the the arms or or the the the armrest of of of of your sofa sofa sofa and and avoid placing i it ttin in in in in in direct sunlight as this can damage the the the the the sofa sofa sofa covering Regular vacuuming between sofa sofa sofa cushions and the the the sleeper mattress mattress is is recommended Spot-clean stains stains on on on on the the the mattress mattress fabric For tougher stains consult a a a a a a a professional dry cleaner SLEEPERS MATTRESS

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