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Product Safety Advisory – Lane Cedar Chests
We would like Lane cedar chest owners to be aware of the following product safety advisory:

From the time John Lane’s company began manufacturing cedar chests in 1912 through 1987, Lane sold an estimated 12 million cedar chests. The cedar chests made by Lane during this time frame, including those made by the Altavista (Virginia) Box Company, were equipped with an old latch configuration that would allow the chest to be closed with no way to open it from the inside. After safety issues exposed the (old) latch configuration’s fault, a new, safe lock mechanism with the ability to open from inside the chest was implemented and the former lock styles were removed from the Lane manufacturing process.  

Since many of our cedar chest products have withstood the test of time and have been in homes for decades, there have been cases where children have climbed inside chests with old style latching mechanisms and locked themselves in, and there have been incidences of suffocation inside chests. As a result of this important and urgent safety concern, Lane has launched numerous successful programs since 1987, all concentrating on lock replacement. However, based on our best records, there are still an estimated 6 million chests owned by consumers that may require the new lock upgrade. 

All Lane cedar chests manufactured after 1987 have been equipped with the upgraded safe lock mechanism. Should your cedar chest have the older mechanism, Lane will supply a replacement at no cost. We encourage you to contact us immediately if you should need further information on the safety of your cedar chest built between 1912–1987.  It is our recommendation that you immediately remove the cedar chest lock until we process your request, and if needed, supply a replacement mechanism.

For further information, please read the Consumer Product Safety Commission's press release concerning cedar chest lock replacement.

Please be advised that when you contact us regarding your cedar chest lock, any personal information provided by you will be used only in responding to your inquiry. You may also refer to Lane's Privacy Policy for further information. You may contact a Lane representative regarding your cedar chest by completing the contact us form below.

Please be aware that we are currently experiencing delays in shipments for the replacement locks, latches, and keys. This is due to the recent increase in requests and in a delay in the supply chain for these specific parts.

Once you have received your replacement lock, please see the following cedar chest lock assembly instructions.

Shape of Cedar Chest Latch (this is found under the Cedar Chest lid)
Shape of Cedar Chest Latch (this is found under the Cedar Chest lid)
Square Cedar Chest Latch with Key
Oval Cedar Chest Latch with Key